Engagement Photo Session Tips

Every couple is unique in their own special way. As a professional photographer it is very important to understand that in order to make your clients comfortable on the day of the engagement photo shoot. Not every couple feels free in front of the camera and your job is to make it easy and natural for them. Engagement session is like a general repetition before the wedding day. You have time to … [Read more...]

Flowers, Flowers everywhere…

A simple flower, that's all it shall take. For another soul, to smile and wake. In our today's blog we simply want to share our passion for flowers. Please enjoy to look at them as we enjoy making those beautiful bouquets for our brides and their bridesmaids. Boutonnieres for grooms and groomsmen, center pieces and other flower decor. Every bouquet is unique because it was made with Love. … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Anatomy

One of the most important things on your wedding day is the timeline, and a realistic one. This is one of the things you or your wedding planner should draft based on the activities you have planned for your big day. It is important to structure your time wisely and have a person in charge to ensure that the timeline is followed accurately to make sure all you have planned for so many months ahead is … [Read more...]

Choosing Your Wedding Officiant

A lot of couples completely forget about an officiant or a minister for their wedding in the middle of the preparations for the big day and leave it until last. But it is one of those thing that you need to plan ahead so you have enough time to meet at least a couple and find the right for you. We are here to offer you few tips: Book in advance! Many officiants are booked out far in advance. We … [Read more...]

Hottest Wedding Trends for 2016

We are looking forward to seeing what’s to come in 2016—and want to share some of weddingwire.com picks for the top wedding trends for the New Year. Flowers and Greenery Hanging from Ceilings and Covering Walls Floral creations aren’t just for reception tables anymore! We’re seeing floral arrangements in unique places—including hanging from venue ceilings and covering walls to create a memorable … [Read more...]

Winter wedding – Not for everybody

As you know winter season is one of the slowest in video/photography industry. People want their wedding to happen during the summer to avoid all the hassle dealing with bad weather. But if you plan it the right way a winter wedding can be one of a kind. Beginning with the white themed décor and ending with beautiful winter outside photos. It will be really nice to catch few snowy pictures outside to … [Read more...]

Bad Weather on a Wedding Day – no worries, we have got you covered!

So you planned everything for the big day, and all seems to be in place and ready, but there is one thing you can't plan - the weather. Especially in a climate where even summer can be unpredictable and bring some bad weather. It is best to be prepared ahead of time for a surprise such as wind or rain, or both. A lot of brides plan the ceremony outside and the reception indoor, make sure that your … [Read more...]

Fall Wedding

Autumn is a beautiful time for a wedding, especially October, with yellow, orange and red leaves everywhere and still plenty of warm sunshine! No wonder it's the most popular month with the brides! Pumpkins as guest table Center Pieces are very inexpensive and themed way to decorate . You can fill it with bright chrysanthemums or silk leaves and branches - everything will look beautiful! Pumpkins … [Read more...]

Bar Mitzvah – A guide for non-Jewish guests

Your coworker’s son is turning 13 and you’ve just been invited to your very first bar mitzvah. Mazel tov! – but what does that mysterious words even mean? Obviously this is a huge event but you aren’t Jewish and you’ve never witnessed this sacred rite of passage. What should you do? What should you bring? Do you need to wear a hat? According to Jewish faith, a boy at the age of 13 and a girl at the age … [Read more...]

20 – “Must-Have” Wedding Photos

The key to an amazing wedding photo album is making sure you capture all the most important moments. The LynkzStudio team put together a list of our top 20 must-have wedding images…. Getting Ready - Candid and posed, capturing the girls getting ready is fun you’ll never forget. The Dress – no wedding dress is no beautiful, every dress is the one of its’ kind. The Bride Getting into her Dress - … [Read more...]