20 – “Must-Have” Wedding Photos

The key to an amazing wedding photo album is making sure you capture all the most important moments. The LynkzStudio team put together a list of our top 20 must-have wedding images…. Getting Ready - Candid and posed, capturing the girls getting ready is fun you’ll never forget. The Dress – no wedding dress is no beautiful, every dress is the one of its’ kind. The Bride Getting into her Dress - … [Read more...]

Wedding Colors

Once you have gone through with deciding your wedding venue, you might want to start choosing your wedding color scheme. A thought might come to your mind that you can choose any color combination, but ladies remember, you need to consider the setting and arrangement of your venue, the time and season of the year, also how informal or formal the function would be. Because if you don’t consider that, … [Read more...]

Why do you need a Professional Makeup Artist?

While thinking about the topic for today’s blog, something came across my mind and I asked myself “How would you want to look at your wedding day?” This was not in reference to your fantastic dress and amazing hairdo, but it is rather in reference to the makeup you should wear. How do you want to keep it? Natural? Sexy? Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, would you want to … [Read more...]

The importance of Bridal Shoes and which ones to pick

What comes in to your mind when you think about your dream wedding? A stunning wedding dress, a perfect venue filled with your loved ones, outstanding decorations, your first dance, music. Ever thought about your wedding shoes? What kind of shoes should you wear? No? Let’s find it out. Some brides think that nobody would look at their shoes but we assure you, they are wrong. People notice every … [Read more...]

Wedding Dresses – The Trends!

When it comes to the wedding dresses some people prefer not to spend much due to the fact that they are just to be worn for one day, our theory contradicts that statement, we say spend as much as you can on your wedding dress as you can. *wink* If you think we don’t have an argument to support our statement, then that thought is about to be changed! We say so because it’s not just an “ordinary … [Read more...]

Why do I need a Wedding Video?

We have been in the business for a very long period of time and this is one of those questions which we are asked the most frequently. We took some time and compiled a few answers that might let our readers know what the difference between Photography and Video making is and their importance. Although, the broader vision behind both a wedding photography and wedding video is the same but in practical … [Read more...]

Venue Decor!

Now when it comes to wedding, everyone would want to standout no matter what the subject matter is. We have a two word reply to this, WHY NOT!! In today's blog we thought of going through wedding decorations which is no doubt one of the most essential attribute when it come to a perfect wedding celebration. Everyone would want to surprise their guests by the amazing decorations and the … [Read more...]

Groom’s Wedding Wear Guide!

Usually when it comes to preparations of a wedding, all the concentration is leaning towards the bride. As a result we thought we should post about the groom in this week’s post. People forget the fact that men play a vital role in adding up to the beauty of the big day. Chances are that the groom won’t put quite as much time and effort into picking his wedding suit as a bride would put into … [Read more...]

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

Best for a scenic setting: Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort, St Lucia A recent trip to this sprawling propertyrevealed it has the best setting in the Caribbean: 59 villas dotted across a hillside between the Piton Peaks, which tower like sentinels either side of a crescent of golden beach. This is UNESCO territory and it’s impossible not to be captivated by the forest and mountains. You could pass … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Bride Routine

As the brides get closer to their big day, they start getting more and more conscious about their health and diet which is a good thing and a bad one for those who over think it. We took some time and decided to write on pre-wedding diet and divided the procedure within 6 month. This is a complete plan for the soon to get married brides, so that they don’t need to lower or stop eating healthy food and … [Read more...]